The one star rating is for the company. The crew that did the install perhaps did a respectable job. I was supposed to receive a call on Sunday evening giving me the delivery window for Monday. Lowe's had not given me a time window for the call, so I called them around 7:30, and they gave me the number for 3PD. The first time I called, I was told that my delivery was on their schedule but no time had been set, but to call back if I hadn't been called by 9PM. I did not receive a call, so called back and was given a 10:30-12:30 window and told that I would be called 30 minutes prior to the delivery. I emphasized that they should call me on my cell phone, not on any number provided by Lowe's (which I suspected would be my home number).

I did not receive any call today until my wife called me to tell me that the installers were already there. I immediately left for home and arrived just as they were completing their work. The installer was quite nice, but told me that he had tried to call three times but never got through. The number he tried to call was neither my cell phone nor my home phone, but a number that was one digit off from my home phone.

Total incompetence from this company. I assume that the installation was correct; my wife said that the appliance was functional. But everything else about this experience was totally unacceptable.

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get over it- if you received your delivery on time and it was taken care of- why are you complaining?

Dexter, Michigan, United States #815302

3dp is a large company that sucks in delivery contracts and farms them out to contactors all over the country they don't own any trucks indirectly 3dp is owned by lowes home improvement I guess its all about them not the customer

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