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purchased a washer and dryer from Costco 12/25/2015. Costco contracted delivery through Innovel who farmed it out to last mile/ XPO logistics 3PD's new name.

That is where it all went south. The washer and dryer had sat in 3pd/XPO's warehouse for a week when I began calling Innovel to try to find out when it would be delivered. After several calls Innovel said they couldn't do anything with XPO I would have to call them myself to schedule delivery.

I called Costco instead, had to work up to manager level to have them light a fire under them to get a delivery date. Long story short, after the third missed date accompanied by excuses like it did not get on the truck after they had called and confirmed , and a dispatch manager that could not have cared less, I canceled the order.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Had the same experience with Costco/Innovel delivery. Innovel hired another sub contractor (Diakon); nightmare!

Costco said they'd take care of problems, but when delivery/installation went south, passed it off to innovel, who never would return calls.

Had to pay local private appliance salesman to do correct install and must live with the scratches on new appliances. Don't count on Costco or Innovel who will sub contract to substandard company to save $ Don't really care about the consumer.

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