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I live in an apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio my upstairs neighbor had just moved in and had bought a washer and dryer from HH GREGG in Springdale and had it delivered and installed by 3PD. Apparently they did not install it correctly at all and it flooded her apartment and then the flood came crashing thru our ceiling destroying our king size mattress, king size sheets, king pillow top, (4) king bed goose down pillows and their matching (4) king sized goose down pillow covers.

We tried to contact HH GREGG and learned they were not at fault b/c 3PD installed it and it was faulty. OBVIOUSLY. This day, 4/4/14, marks 2 weeks and a day we are out of our apartment b/c we cannot get reimbursed for our things that were destroyed. The people at 3PD keep giving us and our lawyer the run around.

Yes we have our lawyer involved b/c this is absolutely pathetic. This company is horrible and I would HOPE someone would actually get back to us and help us get our destroyed items replaced. We have kept all of our receipts for food/groceries etc. that we need to be reimbursed for since we have been put out of our home.

What a joke.

I would hope someone would email me to get this straightened out before I take this to the news.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #801912

Take it to the news! It will trump all other stories - war, famine and natural disasters will take a back seat to your wet bed! When will people learn that the media is not the least bit interested in petty squabbles like this?

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