I was warned before hand by not finding any good reviews past one star on the internet regarding this crummy excuse for a shipment company

I purchased a bedroom set from beyondstores.com. Not only did one piece come damaged (end table), but one piece was not delivered at all (5 drawer chest), it`s as if I never ordered it. There is actually a third piece I am upset about which is this big heavy mirror, I was shocked that they had the nerve, carelessness, and disrespect to lean that huge mirror against my car with out even asking if that is ok. Lucky there are no paint chips, scratches or anything on my car (that would have been a claim coming our of 3PD`s pocket; if there would have been anything on my car). Next I asked when they are going to assemble the bed, they said they are not going to, it is not in their orders and they have been at my house too long already. I spent $200 on the white glove service so that my new furniture is assembled. They refused, I offered to show them proof and confirmation that I paid for assembly, they would not even look at it. I said I have a bad back and my mom is 65 and between us, this bed will never be assembled. I called beyondstores.com for them to resend the order of assembly, and I called 3PD now XPO or something 2-3 hours later to give it some time, they kept saying they never got the new order. It is in my impression, that no matter what, this excuse for a shipping company refused to resend their men out there, even with beyondstores.com new order.

This whole ordeal has left me feeling extremely depressed that there is no more humanity left in the world, and I basically don`t even deserve to be heard out or even respected (even my car I pay GOOD MONEY for to keep up), not even an apology from any representative from this company.

This company should be shut down and has no right taking in anymore business or orders, it surprises me they work with such large companies such as Lowes, beyonstores.com, and others I have heard of.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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